AI-Powered Construction Progress Monitoring

Full digital field construction progress tracking. To decrease re-work cost. To mitigate litigation risk. 100% databased.

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Full digital field construction progress tracking

We enhance trust and productivity in the construction industry through a powerful mix of AI & GIS/CAD. Our solutions are fully autonomous, innovative and real-time tracking progress.

Our Solution

AI Clearing is a construction technology platform leveraging AI and advanced GIS analytics to automate infrastructure construction progress reporting

We offer a SaaS solution – AI  Surveyor™ Engine – that significantly shortens construction progress tracking. AI Surveyor™ is based on machine learning solutions that automate the analytics process. The use of drone data allows creating reports, covering 100% of the construction site surface in 3 dimensions.

Along with drone-based data, our solution crunches multiple available digital data types and performs automated and advanced 4D geospatial analytics. Because of this automation, we are able to shorten the reporting cycle and deliver actionable and comprehensive reports in the form of interactive, online dashboards as well as in PDF format. In addition, we are able to feed our data and reporting outcomes directly into your organization’s existing systems.

Our partners and clients:


AI Clearing’s proprietary solution provides significant practical benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced surveying costs and mitigated construction related risks

AI Surveyor™ shortens the cycle of inputs to actionable reports

AI Clearing solution is 480 times faster than traditional quality surveying methods, with AI-based analytics results available overnight.

Full construction site digitalization

We provide fully data-based reports with 100% site coverage, which results in increased awareness of the site, due to data visualization

Lower cost on construction supervision

Thanks to our solution, progress reporting time on the project team side can be shortened by 30%, which directly translates to lowered supervision costs

Cost avoidance

Our solution enables early discrepancies detection, allowing to take appropriate actions and minimizing the issue escalation risk

Facilitated communication

Progress tracking monitoring reports are presented in a digital and transparent form near-real-time, streamlining project documentation processes and communication with stakeholders

Operations planning

Based on the pace of the work carried out so far, we are able to estimate if project deadlines will be met while maintaining the pace


AI Clearing has already proven its value for leading construction companies in the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East


AI Clearing supported the top Canadian General Contractor during the construction of the largest solar farm in the country with a generating capacity of 465 MW



AI Clearing provided one of the top North American contractors with progress tracking during the construction of a 130 MW solar farm project


AI Surveyor™ was deployed on an interchange construction project by a leading highway operator in Europe

AI Clearing’s solution supported a leading Canadian General Contractor on a ring road construction project, where it brought additional revenue  
Civil Engineering

AI Clearing supported a major US contractor to track their progress during the construction phase of a major civil engineering project

AI Clearing provided one of the leading US-based General Contractors during automotive plant construction


We supported a major European development company during the construction of an advanced technology center

Gas pipeline
We supported a global General Contractor during the construction of a gas pipeline in France


We conducted an inventory of the current state of a navigable waterway canal for a major European construction company during the pre-bid stage

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Take the Turing Test!

Check whether you will be able to tell the difference between human and AI processed images!

Take the Turing Test!

Check whether you will be able to tell the difference between human and AI processed images!
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Meet our standard for collecting aerial data

We created Gathering Aerial Data 101 manual for data acquisition to ensure we get the best quality of data possible.

Gathering Aerial Data 101

We created Gathering Aerial Data 101 manual for data acquisition, to ensure we get the best quality of data possible.
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Meet AI Clearing

Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge in the field of drone technology, geospatial analytics, and artificial intelligence implementation. Collectively, we have over 20 years of experience both in the construction and drone technologies sector. Together, we have analyzed over 14 terabytes of aerial data. This experience allowed us to develop and fully support the customization and implementation of the AI Surveyor™ Engine to meet our clients’ needs.

About us

AI Clearing was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Apart from the US location, our Research & Development hub is located in Warsaw, Poland. We enhance trust and productivity in the construction industry through a powerful mix of AI & GIS/CAD. Our AI Surveyor™ solution allows for fully autonomous construction progress tracking and real-time identification of red flags, generating trustworthy reports covering 100% of construction site area powered by designs, schedules, and available drone data. For the time being, we are the sole supplier of AI-based construction progress monitoring services. As the first and only player on the market, we provide unique technology consisting of:

Our main goal is to disrupt all critical data analysis-related activities.

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We have received a lot of support from the community ever since AI Clearing was founded, therefore we know how important it is. That is why we want to give something back to it in return. With the involvement of our team, we have collected amazing ideas that could be beneficial for the community, creating a positive impact in result.

We know choosing the right action to support is a very serious matter. The essential aspect when making decisions is the point to which we understand this issue. That is why we want to take our time and make sure we will pick the action we feel connected to the most.

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